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KYP (Know Your Property)
KYP (Know Your Property)
Level up as commander-in-chief with crystal-clear property intelligence.

Know Your Property (KYP) gives you powerful oversight into property information and insights that levels up your retrofitting and property management.

Easily log DIY activities, get access to Trade Verified Contractors and stay sharp across your projects to increase the value of your property.
iknowa Verified Contractors
iknowa Verified Contractors
Build with the best and discover vetted contractors for your next project.

Procure and deliver projects with peace of mind. Our built-in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Know Your Property (KYP) service, saves the day if issues arise before, during, and after project completion - giving you an ironclad guarantee on quality and results.

View previous property missions of contractors and put your trust in those with a proven track record.
Collaborate & Grow
Collaborate & Grow
The trusted ally for supercharging operations.

Keep an eagle eye on all property mission milestones, streamline and collaborate with your team  or contractors on every aspect of your master plan.

Whether you’re a family unit, with one property or a stronghold operation of ten thousand, our all-in-one platform is here to ease the process every step of the way.
Our property datasets. Your secret weapon. Gain a competitive edge, scale operations, and turbocharge the overall efficiency of your business with our custom property datasets and tools.