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Not All Heroes Wear Capes. Some Use iknowa. Level up your retrofitting skills, win new clients and fly sky-high in business.
Our Values
We Believe
Digital tools should empower and protect your business, as you scale and grow.
Upskilling should be accessible - not burn a hole in your pocket.
Spending quality time with loved ones, is better than losing money on, ‘so called quality leads’
Welcome to your new HQ Unlike the weather and traffic, there are some things we can guarantee. Upskill, be protected, and grow your business with the iknowa guarantee.
Verified Trade Passport
Verified Trade Passport
Ditch the paperwork panic and redefine how you showcase your superpowers.

Display your skills, share your accolades, and showcase your ability to perform on projects like a champion.

iknowa is your transparency ally, helping you shield against stress and dodgy dealings.

Get the respect you deserve, build trust and increase client confidence.
Green Skills
Green Skills
Make green the new gold.

Think micro-missions that level up your skills, and retrofit training that skyrockets your rates.

Whether you want to become a master of Air Source Heat Pumps, Solar PV installation, EV Charging, or Battery Storage.

Become an industry leader, without the weight of excessive training fees and enjoy courses, subsidised by the Government.
Collaborate & Grow
Collaborate & Grow
Become a hero of collaboration and turn  wasted estimation-time into new business and quality client relationships.

Whether it’s clients or sub-contractors, iknowa is the go-to platform where trade contractors like you assemble to level up, win big, and build a greener future.

Forge alliances (with other trade contractors via your iknowa trade network), build your dream team, and scale your operation with ease.
Simple, straightforward pricing
How many members are on your team? Choose a plan that’s right for you!
iknowa Courses Unlike the weather and traffic, there are some things we can guarantee. Upskill and unlock new opportunities for your business today*
May 2024 Cohort
Level 3 Air Source Heat Pump Course
Designed for experienced Plumbing & Heating Engineers.
May 2024 Cohort
Level 3 Solar PV, Battery Storage & EV Charging Course
Designed for experienced Electrical Engineers.